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The Changing Dragon, located in Auburn, Indiana, is a traditional school dedicated to the cultivation of clear mind, strong body and devout spirit. We practice the traditional ethics, values and customs of our Chinese Tai Chi Chuan lineage. We stress focus, balance and flexibility using proven instructional techniques. We train those who have the desire to learn the very best that Tai Chi Chuan has to offer for health and performance in life and athletics.

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Relieve stress, enjoy greater health, and enhance your mind, body and spirit with traditional and authentic classes in Calming Tai Chi, Invigorating Yoga and Peaceful Meditation.

"Having recently retired, I have decided to live a life of intentionality. My curiosity for Tai Chi led me to the Changing Dragon school. After two months of classes, I have already benefited by gaining flexibility and increased focus. I am committed to improving myself, mind, body and spirit. The instruction is thoughtful, challenging and encouraging. The like-mindedness of the students is also encouraging in a peaceful environment. I would recommend this school and discipline to anyone, regardless of age or physical condition." – James Burns, 2 month student

Unleash your full potential for performance. Learn to focus. Increase your balance, flexibility, strength and agility.

staff form
The Tai Chi staff is one of several weapons forms offered.


"Tai Chi is an enjoyable activity that increases my sense of well being. I have gained more flexibility, better balance and focus. Tai Chi is ongoing learning about myself and how my mind and body work together. This, along with Sifu and people who are encouraging, has been a positive experience for me." – Betty Kay Stewart, 2 year student

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About Tai Chi
The ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi has not only self-defense qualities but also numerous day-to-day mind, body, and spirit benefits that can help people of all ages. Whether the focus is school, work, or play, Tai Chi offers you the opportunity for daily balance and coordination, managing stress, gaining the upper hand in tough situations, or simply slowing down life's hectic schedule.

All classes include relaxation and breathing techniques as well as Chi Kung exercises, which cultivate and enhance your inner energy. Our Tai Chi Chuan classes include activities and exercises for all age ranges from seniors to teenagers, for all skill levels from students to athletes. The practice of Tai Chi has a long list of documented health benefits including stress management, fall prevention and decrease in blood pressure. Tai Chi has been recommended for the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, circulation and nervous system disorders, CFS, and OCD, to name a few.

"Tai Chi has helped me get through surgeries, chemotherapies, and radiation. It gave me something to focus on while taking pet scans and other medical procedures. It strengthened my breathing and helped relieve much of the anxiety, and now I am off of blood pressure meds. While it does not cure cancer, Tai Chi makes fighting cancer a lot easier." – Susan Fischer, 10 year student

seniors study Tai Chi
Seniors, even in their 90s, get great benefits from Tai Chi.

About Meditation
For thousands of years cultures around the world have used the benefits of meditation for better mental, physical, and emotional health. The peaceful, quiet, and deep insights of meditation complement the calmness and relaxation of Tai Chi movements and thoughts. One's ability to focus on personal topics is greatly enhanced. Concentration, energy, and creativity are improved. Meditation helps to combat the stress of today's challenges and clears active, cluttered minds. Improve your overall well being through meditation techniques and methods.

"We live in a hectic world and our minds are often filled with hundreds of thoughts. Tai Chi helps me clear my mind and learn to focus. It also helps me physically with its gentle movements to stay flexible which hopefully, will protect me from future injuries." – Mark Oda, 5 month student


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Changing Dragon
122 W. 9th St.
Auburn, IN 46706

Sifu Greg: 260-925-1648
Sifu Janie: 260-488-2760
Lori: 260-837-7271

Classes Schedule:
Mon. & Wed. 6:00-7:30 p.m.; Sat. 9:30-11:00 a.m.
See our Facebook page for monthly schedule updates on classes at all five locations, including Angola and Butler.

Here's a printable version of our entire Curriculum.

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World Tai Chi Day

On the last Saturday in April of every year, come celebrate World Tai Chi and QiGong Day! This flier gives you all the details of our celebration on Saturday, April 28, 10:00-11:00 am. Enjoy! See video highlights of our 2009 celebration. Check out our Photo Album for additional photos.

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